Kids Games

Card Game Go Fish

This classic game is presented by Peaceable Kingdom with bright and colourful illustrations and a cute storage box with Velcro fastener.

Classic Dominoes

Dominoes are a classic past time that have been enjoyed by generations and this great value set is perfect for older kids and young adults.

Djeco Chess and Checkers Set

This compact little set by Djeco has wooden pieces and can be used for both chess and checkers.

Djeco Origami Bird/Chatterbox

This creative pack allows children to easily create their own little games of chatterbox and includes assorted stickers with various challenges players perform depending on which panel they select.

Djeco Tropical Fishing Game

Djeco Tropical Fishing is a timeless game which children will love to play while helping develop their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

Eeboo Playing Cards Old Maid

Watch out for the Old Maid in this classic game of keep-away! Choose a card and make a match, match all your cards to win.

Eeboo Playing Cards Snap

This delightfully illustrated version of the classic children's card game features laminated cards which are presented in a sturdy, sliding gift box.

Eeboo Sidewalk Games

Great for encouraging outdoor and social play, this award winning set by Eeboo has everything you need to play good old fashioned street games such as Hopscotch and others.

Eeboo Storefront Bingo

The classic game of bingo is an activity the whole family can enjoy and this fun version by Eeboo consists of 6 different “shop” boards which players try to fill with various items.

Egmont Memory Game in a Case

This traditional game of memory by Egmont Toys features beautifully illustrated animal cards which are presented in a sturdy carry case.

Egmont Mini Marble Game

This simple and classic wooden game requires kids to catch the four marbles in the holes as well as slot the missing piece of the picture into place.

EverEarth 3D Memory Game

This easy to learn wooden memory game by eco friendly brand EverEarth requires players to find pairs of matching colours.

Goki Balancing Donkey Game

A European designed childrens game that helps develop fine motor skills whilst also being great fun to play.

Goki Catch the Bee Game

A new take on an old favourite, catch the ball game in the shape of a flower and bee. Swing the bee and see if you can catch it with the flower.

Goki Catch the Fly Game

A new take on an old favourite, Goki Catch the Fly Game is a fun game to help develop coordination skills. Swing the fly and see if you can catch it with the frog.

Goki Wooden Domino Rally

Beautiful quality and non-toxic, this set consist of 247 pieces which can be arranged into many different structures to then knock down and ring the little bell at the finishing gate.

Hape Super Moose Game

This friendly moose has shed his antlers and kids will love helping him re-grow them in lots of different configurations. A fun game of balance and co-ordination by Hape.

Janod Fishy Fishing Game

Add fun to bath time with the the Janod Fishy fishing game. Six colourful rubber fish to play with in or out of the bath as well as a fishing rod to catch them with.

Janod Wooden Boules Basket

Boules is a traditional game making a huge comeback and Janod has designed a set of 6 wooden bowls plus two jacks that are presented in a basket with a handle for ease of transportation.

Original Slinky Toy

A family classic since 1945, all kids love playing with a slinky. This original metal, walking spring toy is made in the US and packaged in 100% recycled cardboard.

Set of 3 Juggling Balls

Soft little beanbags, these durable juggling balls are great for learning basic juggling skills.

Voila Ring Toss Quoits

Ring Toss is a colourful and versatile game which helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young kids.