Wonderworld is a strong advocate of our environment's protection, creating Eco Friendly wooden toys for over 25 years. They insist on primarily using Rubberwood, a replenishable source that is widely accepted throughout the world as environmentaly friendly material. Moreover, Wonderworld's "Tree Plus" program plants two trees for every one that is cut down during the production of our toys.

Hopping Bunny Baby Walker

With adjustable resistance, this beautiful quality baby walker is great for little ones who are just starting to walk and features 2 soft bunnies who hop up and down as the walker is pushed along.

Peek-a-boo Ball

Lots of fun, this cute little ball encourages physical activity and motor skill development in babies and toddlers.

Wonderworld Bead Rollercoaster

Measuring over 60cm tall, this substantial wooden bead maze by Wonderworld is a fantastic educational toy kids will come back to again and again.

Wonderworld Cut and Peel Fruit Set

The combination of fabric and environmentally friendly rubberwood used to create this set enable children to develop their fine motor skills as they cut and peel the fruit.

Wonderworld Ride On Dragon

This wonderfully soft and cuddly dragon by Wonderworld is an ideal first ride on toy and has rubber trimmed wheels that can be steered.

Wooden Skyline Glow Blocks

Place these eco friendly wooden blocks under a light for a few moments, assemble them then turn out the light to really see the city skyline come to life as the blocks glow in the dark!