Lilliputiens is a Belgian company specialising in the production of a wide range of fabric-based toys with a modern and original twist. Developed by in-house designers, each product is an exclusive creation aimed at stimulating all senses using a clever combination of fabrics, noises, shapes and colours. Lilliputiens toys evolve in a way that accompanies the child throughout his or her passage into early infancy - as the child grows, new play elements are revealed, making new activities and games possible. Each toy satisfies the safety standards for Australia and is made with the utmost care for quality, durability and safety.

Lilliputiens Baby Chloe with Basket

With a nappy and pyjamas that are easy to remove and to put back on, young children will delight in taking care of baby and carrying her in her basket!

Lilliputiens Farm Baby Bowling Set

A classic baby gift, the animals in this set are cuddle toys and pretend play toys on their own and of course can be set up as a skittle set to be knocked down by the ball.

Lilliputiens Ophelie and Chicks Baby Toy

Ophelie is a versatile baby toy consisting of a mother hen, egg and 4 chicks. Offering role play, matching and sensory development, Ophelie will keep baby entertained for hours.