Janod is a French brand of classic toys with a focus on safety and quality. These toys are beautifully designed, educational, and expertly created with learning in mind and a focus on multi-sensory experiences.

Fire Station Playset

The Janod Fire Station is a must-have for the playroom for little firefighters!

Janod Animal Kit Cow

4 solid pieces of beech wood that are water painted and child friendly form the Janod CowAnimal Kit. Kids will love assembling the pieces themselves, playing with their dino creation and then taking him apart again.

Janod Animal Kit Sheep

5 solid pieces of beech wood that are water painted and child friendly form the Janod Sheep Animal Kit. Kids will love assembling the pieces themselves, playing with their sheep creation and then taking him apart again.

Janod Confetti Metal Xylophone

Designed in France and manufactured to strict quality standards, this stylish 12 note metal xylophone with 2 drumsticks makes a lovely tuneful sound.

Janod Confetti Wooden Ukulele

Part of the stylish Confetti range of kids musical instruments by Janod, this beautiful quality wooden Ukulele will make little musos look really professional!

Janod DIY Construction Box

The beautiful quality DIY Construction Box by Janod contains 50 wooden pieces that can be inter-linked together to make a variety of creations.

Janod Fishy Fishing Game

Add fun to bath time with the the Janod Fishy fishing game. Six colourful rubber fish to play with in or out of the bath as well as a fishing rod to catch them with.

Janod Garden Playset

Kids love playing in sand and water so encourage them to make more than mud pies and learn about their environment with the Janod Nature Gardener Set.

Janod Knights Castle

Create your own medieval adventure, make a jigsaw to create the grounds of the castle, place the castle and then you have 6 knights, 2 horses and a dragon to make all the adventures come true!

Janod Mademoiselle Fabric Playhouse

Cubby houses and tents are a favourite of children at any age and the Madmoiselle Fabric house combines the best of both. The structure is larger than it looks but compact enough for indoor play.

Janod Magnetic Aeroplane

A cleverly designed toy that is also a puzzle and will have even the adults wanting to play. This plane is made from wood and comes apart into 5 pieces.

Janod Magnetic Helicopter

This cleverly designed helicopter is made from wood and comes apart into 5 pieces. Each piece has magnetic connectors that encourage you to fit it back together. The movable propeller will even inspire the adults to have a go.

Janod Magnetic Rocket

This cleverly designed puzzle and will even have the adults wanting to play. The rocket is made from wood and comes apart into 5 pieces. The magnetic connectors on each piece encourage you to fit it back together.

Janod Magnetic Submarine

This Yellow Submarine has 5 wooden pieces that join together with magnets to form the submarine. Pull it apart to begin your puzzle and when you're finished, place it on the shelf for a gorgeous room decoration.

Janod Magnetic Wall Art Princess

Feature walls are taken to another level with Janod Magnetistick Princess. Innovative in design, the decal is placed on the wall and there are 30 re-usable magnets that can be moved around to create your own fairy tale.

Janod Microwave Oven Set

A wooden oven from Janod, which can be used as conventional oven or microwave. Features temperature and time regulator, a bell to indicate when cooking is complete, and a food and cutlery set to add to the play experience.

Janod Mixer Playset

Cook and bake with delight with the Janod blender set. The blender features on-off and speed buttons, a hinged arm to access the removable bowl for mixing and wooden food accessories are included.

Janod Musical Spinning Top

Pump the handle to drive the locomotive past the signal and listen to it's warning 'toot' while the gate arm moves down to stop any traffic from crossing the intersection.

Janod Picnic Set

A delightful wooden picnic play set that consists of a traditional style picnic hamper, 4 plates, cups, knifes, forks, spoons and a matching table cloth. A great unisex toy and perfect for imaginative play.

Janod Pull-a-long Circus Train

Roll up, roll up! Jump on board for a fun ride around the circus! 7 timber pieces that are solidly constructed to form a circus train including the engine and 3 carriages.

Janod Wooden Boules Basket

Boules is a traditional game making a huge comeback and Janod has designed a set of 6 wooden bowls plus two jacks that are presented in a basket with a handle for ease of transportation.

Janod Wooden Farm Musical Puzzle

Encourage toddlers’ learning and fine motor skills with this beautifully illustrated Janod Musical Farm Peg Puzzle which features the sounds of seven farm yard friends.

Janod Wooden Lacing Beads Savannah

Beautifully presented in a carry bag with handle, these 12 Janod Wooden Lacing Beads are finished with non-toxic, water based paint.A toy that aids in developing fine motor skills.

Janod Wooden Raspberry Pram

Designed in France, this beautiful wooden doll's pram is finished with non-toxic paint and being distinctively spotty, will make a statement wherever it goes!

Janod Zigolor Dog Stacker

Made from solid wood, Roly Poly Dog is a charming 4 piece stacker as well as a wobbling roly poly toy.

Pull along Fire Fighter Train

Call out the fire fighters! The Firefighter Train is made from wood and has magnets to attach each carriage to the next.