Goki European

goki is the name of the brand for high-quality toys at a fair price, ensuring that excellent toys remain affordable.

Wherever families come together, that's where goki is at home. Play value appropriate for children, lovingly crafted functional design and contemporary colours are the distinguishing features of the brand. Good wooden toys are essential for the development and retention of motor, sensory and tactile skills.

Goki 4 Seasons Layer Puzzle

This cute little puzzle features 4 layers, each one depicting the same house and garden throughout the different seasons.

Goki Balancing Donkey Game

A European designed childrens game that helps develop fine motor skills whilst also being great fun to play.

Goki Bunting

Unisex fabric bunting in blue and red spots and stripes is perfect for the nursery, bedroom, playroom or even a party celebrations.

Goki Castle Building Blocks

This magnificent Castle building set provides all the blocks and shapes to stimulate any little builder.

Goki Catch the Bee Game

A new take on an old favourite, catch the ball game in the shape of a flower and bee. Swing the bee and see if you can catch it with the flower.

Goki Catch the Fly Game

A new take on an old favourite, Goki Catch the Fly Game is a fun game to help develop coordination skills. Swing the fly and see if you can catch it with the frog.

Goki Dolls Bed

Natural timber is timeless and elegant and the Goki dolls bed is no exception. Beautifully designed it will allow little girls everywhere to soothe their babies and pat them to sleep

Goki Dress Up Soft Bear

Gorgeously soft and cuddly, this cheerful Dress Up Bear by Goki comes complete with 7 different outfits including pyjamas, swimming togs and wet weather gear.

Goki Dress Up Wooden Mice

This great value set of Dress Up Wooden Mice helps develop fine motor skills and offers loads of imaginative play enjoyment.

Goki Flower Press

The Goki Flower Press is a simple way of drying flowers and leaves, Relive childhood memories drying flower between newspaper and hanging them from the curtain rod!

Goki Forklift

The Goki Forklift is a must-have for the playroom! The pallet is removable from the forks and it has a hoist to wind up and down.

Goki Knitting Flower

Make your own special friendship bracelets with the fun and easy to use Goki Knitting Flower. Complete with seven different brightly coloured threads, kids will love being able to make gifts for their family and friends.

Goki Knitting Nancy Ladybird

French Knitting teaches children how to create their own knitted cord using the traditional ladybird and coloured yarns.

Goki Rainbow Sliding Whistle

The Sliding Whistle has been used for nearly 200 years in music from classical to jazz to pop. Create your own sound effects or just have fun making hilarious sounds.

Goki Rainbow Tambourine

At just 14.5cm, the Goki Rainbow Tambourine makes it much easier for smaller hands to have a go at musical instruments while it's bright colours will atttract and delight them.

Goki Ribbon Stick

Encourage your very own Olympic gymnast with Goki's version of the gymnastic ribbon.

Goki Wooden Bird Whistle

This cute little wooden Bird Whistle by Goki is made using non toxic paint and meets both Australian and European toy safety standards.

Goki Wooden Car

Made in Europe, the Goki Wooden Car is colourful and robust with a matt, non toxic finish and rubber tyres toddlers will love.

Goki Wooden Doll Family

This cute little family of wooden dolls by Goki feature painted faces, movable arms and legs, wild woollen hair and brightly coloured clothing.

Goki Wooden Domino Rally

Beautiful quality and non-toxic, this set consist of 247 pieces which can be arranged into many different structures to then knock down and ring the little bell at the finishing gate.

Goki Wooden Mouse Skittles

This miniature bowling set features 6 colourful little mice just waiting to be knocked down by the bowling balls. It is designed in Europe and teaches hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Goki Wooden Pull Along Dog

Made from wood with rubber grippers on his wheels, this cute little puppy’s ears go up and down as toddlers pull him along.

Goki Wooden Pull Along Snail

This cute little wooden snail is ideal for babies learning to walk. It is brightly coloured and has a shell that swirls around when pulled along.

Goki Wooden Pull Along Suse

Made from wood with rubber grippers on her wheels, toddlers will love the fact this cute little lamb can be pulled along wherever they may go, just like Mary!

Pagoda Marble Game

You won't be able to walk past the Pagoda Marble Game without giving it a go! Place one of the 3 marbles into the yellow ball at the top and be delighted by the tinkling sound as it rolls down each wooden level to the base.